Our sustainability work

Our social commitment must be able to be measured by the imprint it gives on society. We work with different initiatives in the labor market and can in many cases demonstrate positive effects both for individuals and for the business community. We believe that all individuals have the right to their own livelihood and we do more than to just speak about it. We give people jobs, which gives individuals the opportunity to support themselves and their families. Every year, 20,000 people in Sweden are provided with jobs through us.

One of the world's most ethical companies

For the eleventh year in a row, ManpowerGroup has been named one of the world's most ethical companies by the Etisphere Institute. The award assesses companies in a number of different areas, such as ethical guidelines and compliance, corporate culture and environmental and social sustainability. Jefferson Wells is part of ManpowerGroup.

Our contribution

Our social commitment should be measured by the impact it makes in society

Our plan for a sustainable labour market
ManpowerGroup want to help people improve their career opportunities, choose paths to a better life, find their first or next job, move on in their careers and develop their skills. Our sustainability work includes: Ready for work, Competence development and Integration.
We take work environment seriously
At ManpowerGroup, we work for a good working environment with safe, equal and healthy workplaces where the risks of accidents are minimized. All employees should be satisfied with their work and feel that they have the opportunity to influence their work situation
Competence development and career
Our goal is to contribute to competence development for both candidates and clients. The development of our consultants as well as the development of our internal staff is crucial for our competitiveness. Competence development is important for talents ability to get a job. Just by continuing to learn throughout your career and developing your skills, you remain employable in the long term. 
Diversity and equality
For us, it is important that our staff reflects the diversity that exists in society. Since our business is about helping people find jobs on a daily basis, we always make sure that skills come first. Competence-based diversity creates the conditions for increased growth and healthy organizations. At ManpowerGroup, we also actively promote career opportunities for women. In our Swedish organization, it goes without saying that women are represented everywhere.
Reduced impact on the environment
At ManpowerGroup, we work to reduce the negative impact that the business has on the environment and therefore we have a systematic environmental work based on continuous improvement. The environmental work is certified according to ISO 14001 and is an integrated part of our business planning process. Our main impact on the environment, mainly CO2 emissions from air travel, rental cars and company cars, which is why our environmental work focuses on the travel patterns and carbon dioxide emissions of the business.