Sustainable recruitment solutions

We provide you with candidates who have both documented experiences and the competence and ability to deliver. As of right now, we have an established network of 250,000 active profiles at a manager and specialist level, which means that you as a customer can immediately get in touch with qualified candidates.

We ensure that you get the best candidate

With our knowledge of the candidate market and with a quality-assured selection process, we create the conditions to find the candidate you need.

What makes us specialists?
All of our recruiters are experts in their fields. We have access to approximately 250,000 active CVs and carry out over 5,000 manager and specialist recruitments in all service areas every year. We are well prepared to solve your needs when you get in touch with us. 
What do you get if you join us?
We start each recruitment with a thorough analysis of your company's current situation and future needs. We have a well-developed recruitment process that identifies the individuals who matches your needs and culture the best. The result? Staff with the right skills, experience and motivation.
How do we proceed?
Our recruitment method is based on scientific basis and experience. Our recruitment consultants are of course educated and certified, often in several different testing tools and search methods. Most of our consultants have extensive experience and are specialized in the area of expertise in which they operate in. 
What makes our collaboration successful?
The key to a successful recruitment is strong candidate networks and the ability to attract candidates who are motivated by your business environment and tasks. Through the large number of customer and candidate meetings we have every year, we have a solid network that helps you find the expertise you are looking for.