Transparent approach

Our goal is to match you with the right company and position. A process is initiated if you have a relevant background, potential and the experience required. We are always committed to making both you and our customer feel satisfied.

Your questions are important to us.

In addition to exciting career opportunities, Jefferson Wells offers benefits that give you security and that create a balance between your work and private life.

What does a recruitment process mean?
A recruitment process starts from the first contact via the ad you have submitted your application to or the email you have responded to from LinkedIn. If you proceed, we will meet you for an interview and you will do different types of tests. After that, you will meet our client with whom you will sign a contract with. This is a short and somewhat simplified description of what a recruitment process entails. 
How do we create a unique candidate experience?
What is a candidate's experience? In short, it's all about how you who have submitted your application through us experience our contact. That we keep our promises. Have you received feedback on your application that you have submitted? After the interview, did we give feedback in time? Are we as open and transparent as we can be? We also want to be proactive. Give you a little extra input in each step to make you feel safe when you are in the decision phase of changing jobs. A unique candidate experience gives a feeling of being well-informed and creates security.
Sustainable recruitment for the future?
At Jefferson Wells, we care about sustainability, both in terms of our environmental work and the general puzzle of life. By creating new spaces for meeting places, we offer you as an applicant greater flexibility. It should be easy to send in an application "on the go" without a mandatory attached CV etc. We meet for a digital interview to avoid climate impact while you avoid travel time and you can make yourself comfortable in your chosen environment. In some cases, you can decide for yourself when you want to conduct your interview. We want to create the conditions to meet you on your terms. We also believe that sustainability is a key to long-term success.
Unprejudiced recruitment?
It is human to make subjective assessments and that prejudices affect, therefore we have a methodology that is competence-based. What does it mean to work based on competence? Together with our client, we have identified the skills that are important, in many cases crucial in order to be successful in the role that needs to be filled. When we evaluate the applicant against these skills, we do so through various steps, such as during the interview, where you get to concretize your experiences through measurable activities and results. The interview is often based on a personality form,where what you fill out reflects your actions in your professional role. To avoid an unnecessary layer of information interpretation, we prefer to let reference providers answer questions digitally.
We are your career partner

With us, you take your next career step. Every year we make over 5000 recruitments and we look forward to helping you with your dream job!