We match you with the right assignment

Our goal is that your knowledge, experience and driving forces will come to use in your next role. We select companies with a culture that is in line with your values and where you have the opportunity to thrive and develop. Matching you to a suitable role is the foundation of our business and what drives and motivates us.

Jefferson Wells is a value-driven company

Our values guide us in our decisions and actions and we have summarized them in three words. PEOPLE - We care about people and the role work has in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trust them, support them and give them the opportunity to realize their goals in life. KNOWLEDGE - We share our knowledge, expertise and resources. We actively listen and use that information to improve our offerings, our services and our relationships. INNOVATION - We are pioneers in working life. We dare to be innovative, be pioneers and develop. We are constantly challenging to find new and better solutions.

Job Tips
December 11, 2020
The qualities that make a good leader