Careers in Supply Chain

We have a constant demand for buyers, purchasers and logisticans. At Jefferson Wells, you will find developing roles with interested clients in several different industries, where you as a candidate can take the next step in your career.

We ensure that you get the best candidate

With our knowledge of the candidate market and with a quality-assured selection process, we create the conditions to find the candidate you need.

What makes us specialists?
Jefferson Wells has a network of talents who work with purchasing and logistics successfully. They build purchasing strategies and map out logistics functions to find development areas, streamline deliveries, free up capital from inventory production and much more.
What do you get if you join us?
We offer you interim consultant when you need cutting-edge expertise for a limited period or for a specific project. If your need is permanent, our recruitment consultants are helpful in finding your new colleague with the right skills and personality. Our methodology includes interviews, reference testing and a selection of tests to ensure the right match.
How do we proceed?
When recruiting for our consulting business, we work according to a quality-assured  methodology where we conduct competence-based interviews, perform relevant tests and ensure references. Through this method, we find the talents that match our high quality requirements.
What makes our collaboration successful?
The key to successful recruitments is strong candidate networks and the ability to attract candidates who are motivated by your business environment and tasks. We have a proactive and structured approach for building candidate networks in the specialist areas in which we operate. This includes our many customer and candidate meetings, our collaborations with various interest and network organizations and our consulting and recruitment consultants' own networks. In addition, we have a national Talent Acquisition Team that works proactively and assignment-specifically with building networks of specialists so that we can quickly and accurately deliver expertise to our customers.
Our Services
Professional Resourcing

We have a well-developed network of qualified candidates who are ready for the next stage of their careers. With a combination of experienced recruitment consultants and digital tools, we ensure that you open-mindedly and efficiently get the right employees in the right place.


Our dedicated and competent consultant managers match the right skills for your assignment. Whether it's for a specific specialist function, a leadership role, roles in a team a project.