Career in Sales and Marketing

We have an increased demand for candidates with expertise in sales, marketing and communication. At Jefferson Wells, you will find many developing assignments within interesting companies in several different industries, where you can take the next step in your career.

We ensure that you get the best candidate

With our knowledge of the candidate market and with a quality-assured selection process, we create the conditions to find the candidate you need.

What makes us specialists?
Our consulting managers and recruitment consultants have their own experience in sales and marketing and are specialists in finding, attracting and matching the right sales and marketing candidate for each unique assignment.
What do you get if you join us?
We match the right skills with specific needs through consulting or recruitment assignments. We work with both large and small companies and have a large selection of attractive assignments with customers with strong brands.
How do we proceed?
At Jefferson Wells, we put your skills in focus, regardless of whether it is for a recruitment or consulting assignment. Our methodology includes interviews, references and a selection of tests to ensure the right match.
What makes our collaboration successful?
For each assignment, we start from the customer's needs when we are looking for the most suitable candidate, regardless of whether it is an interim consulting assignment or a permanent role. We strive to match both competence and personality with your company, via a structured and ISO-certified method. 
Our Services
Professional Resourcing

We have a well-developed network of qualified candidates who are ready for the next stage of their careers. With a combination of experienced recruitment consultants and digital tools, we ensure that you open-mindedly and efficiently get the right employees in the right place.


Our dedicated and competent consultant managers match the right skills for your assignment. Whether it's for a specific specialist function, a leadership role, roles in a team a project.