Interested in working as an interim management consultant?

As an interim management consultant at Jefferson Wells, you contribute to helping companies and organizations in both the private and public sectors to operationally manage and handle important assignments. Through our wide network of contacts and large number of contract customers, we can offer exciting assignments for the right leader.

We ensure that you get the best candidate

With our knowledge of the candidate market and with a quality-assured selection process, we create the conditions to find the candidate you need.

What makes us specialists?
With our own competence and experience within leading positions, we have an understanding of the business-critical situations that our clients companies find themselves in from time to time. We have a wide network of senior consultants who have solid experience from leading positions and business-critical assignments, who deliver results quickly and safely. Beside looking for consultant's previously documented experiences and competence when we fill different roles, we also strive to ensure the candidate's problem-solving ability, emotional intelligence, values and leadership style through different tests, interviews and references. This way, we ensure the right competence for each assignment.
What do you get if you join us?
We have solid knowledge of leadership and a well-proven approach that is characterized by accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. We cherish our values and are happy to challenge and advise our clients and candidates about diversity, employer branding and trends.
How do we proceed?
Our work is always based on the client's situation and challenges. By analyzing the starting point and future plans, we can offer different types of solutions to identify, attract and support in the development of successful leaders.
What makes our collaboration successful?
We have an extensive network and long experience of leadership supply to both the business and public sector. Our chief recruitment consultants and consulting managers have their own leadership backgrounds, which means that we can offer relevant advice and knowledge to both clients and candidates.
Our Services
Professional Resourcing

We have a well-developed network of qualified candidates who are ready for the next stage of their careers. With a combination of experienced recruitment consultants and digital tools, we ensure that you open-mindedly and efficiently get the right employees in the right place.


Our dedicated and competent consultant managers match the right skills for your assignment. Whether it's for a specific specialist function, a leadership role, roles in a team a project.

The qualities that make a good leader

Most of us have experience with both better and less good managers. The characteristics of the less good managers are easy to point out - but what really distinguishes a really good manager? We have listed some of the qualities, skills and good habits that seem to recur in esteemed managers.